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Home >> Baocheng Mansion travel information and trip

Baocheng Mansion

Baocheng MansionPou House is located in Dali Xizhou town, Xizhou ancient name Big City PCT, in Nanzhao Dali period, because of its pleasant climate and rich become a summer retreat of the royal family, but also the city of the Tea-Horse Road. Here we have a typical Bai architecture and rich folk culture, Bai and cultural representatives and miniature. In this town cobweb-shaped structure, the most distinctive to the number Baocheng House. It covers an area of 3600 square meters of the house, built in the early 1940s, its original owner Yan Baocheng its named Mirror Cottage. Yanzai Zhen Yan Baocheng father is Yongchang Xiang the firm's founder, is the richest man in Xizhou. Pou House first homes built in the North, North Hospital both houses is a typical three-bedroom Bai a screen wall, built after the South Centre (South Western College as a floor), eventually forming into a three homes. All through the turret yard integrally connected, accessible, this is what we say cursory string turret.

Pou House points south, north, three homes, North Hospital and in the hospital are typical Bai residential building shape for the bottom layer tiles big word. In the north and in the hospital courtyard, you can see Bai tea Three Tea (first bitter tea, sweet tea, the second track, the third aftertaste tea) shows, live there Bai folk art produced in Nanzhao period tie dye production, as well as folk shows, such as Bai Zhongtang, bridal room, display and other religions. Chinese and Western and Southern Branch was three houses, boarded the roof terrace you can overlook the whole town. Pou has a typical representative government in Xizhou ancient town of 108 Bai residential buildings and become a national key cultural relics protection units. Nearby Attractions: Sightseeing Dali territory have Cangshan Erhai, Foreigner Street, Three Pagodas, Dali, Qing Bixi like Xizhou There are many cultural relics and scenic spots, there are Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism temple size hundreds of homes, many ancient arch, the ancient stage and bridges, mix, Butterfly Spring, the days Longdong, sea and flowers tongue Austin dam beautiful natural scenery, especially those with ethnic style of three Square, screen wall, Snap five yards, cursory string turret , entered the House , into a four homes , four five-Church and other residential buildings.

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