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Home >> Ji Hongqiao travel information and trip

Ji Hongqiao

Ji HongqiaoYongping County Ji Hongqiao between the Lancang River in recent years, research by experts, confirm that it is our oldest existing chain bridge. Traced the history of this Old Bridge, both to get a glimpse of the wisdom of the ancient peoples of Yunnan, but also from one side to understand the traffic situation in Yunnan ancient. Xu through here 300 years ago when the note said: From the road between stack step stone cracks, or west or north, very steep gully on the twists and turns; Liangya with stone such as split, in a vertical window, stone water pounding down, Ishidan according to the wall and on the days when people broken palpable, if the water jump gully channel contention, those two do not Johnson. folder ancient participation Xiao, Qiu sticks hanging pedal, the sound of water color stone, bone cold heart. This trail of strange, dangerous, is still basically the same.

Because the trail, cliff, bridge, western Yunnan and development are closely linked, in history, culture, architecture, and many bridges have scientific value, the government has allocated renovated, tied for the provincial cultural relics protection units.

Tang, bamboo rope bridge has been built here. Yuan, who replaced the wooden bridge, and later, to re-boat crossing. Hongwu twenty-eight years, cast iron posts in between two cliffs on both sides to pull the boat crossing, then shore steep water needs, while being covered drowning. Walker as a dangerous road. To Chenghua (about AD 1476), Jiang item monks glance raised to build the chain bridge (one that is Hongzhi Wang Huai construction), with a thick iron chain cross-strait led, tied to the iron pickets, nails on wood, long 120 meters wide and 6.7 meters. Leaning on nothing, with nothing down, floating in the air is empty, bumps up and down, side to side, the line on which people scared terrified. Gallery after the bridge was built, so that Walker safe, pedestrians can order geese and more, although the negative cows was not scared, so Wu Peng inspectors entitled Cang Jiang Feihong. This proves that 500 years ago, this has been changed to chain bridge. Chong years March 28, Xu Ji Hongqiao over, he saw the situation is: Eastbound iron chain temporary flow set off, Gong stone door, leaning Dongya built Temple and the Inland Revenue Department ; West bridge, the same applies Guan Gong, within leaning West Cliff, built towers and remember those who create the bridge. This bridge is To the west of the throat, thousands carrier can not change it. ( Travels Xu Yunnan Tour Diary eight). After the iron cables often eclipse Binghuo often raw, repeated repeated bad repair, the Qing Emperor Kangxi bridge pro title Rainbow fly the other side, on the east coast of providing additional for this, Royal Library. Until before through, still the hub of western Yunnan, the Republic of China is still essential to maintain the status quo of the Burma Road. North and south about the floor, both ends of the wicket to build, establish tax card; Bank bridge bunkers, Riverside brief risk, a great man guards the pass, Wan Fu Mo open trend. Hongqiao to Ji, something Road. Road to the Dali Yang Yongping fir, then circled along the mountain down until Boonen.

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