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Home >> Nanyao Park

Nanyao Park

Nanyao ParkXishuangbanna Nanyao park is a national AA scenic spot, located in Yunnan Province, the capital of Xishuangbanna, Jinghong city. Xishuangbanna of Southern medicinal plant garden, founded in 1959, its predecessor is the medicinal plants of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Yunnan branch office downtown Jinghong in Yunnan Province, covers an area of 320 acres, mainly engaged in medicinal plant research and promotion, tropical medicinal plant resources protection, excavation of the folk medicine of ethnic classification and utilization is an important base for the study of biological medicinal resources of China. Over the years has been working in the promotion of medicinal plant introduction and cultivation research and related science and technology, and in 1999 was awarded the popular science education base of my province, where I work more emphasis on the popularization of science and technology.

Covers an area of about 250 acres of Xishuangbanna of Southern medicinal plant garden, as the provincial science education base, over the past few years I continue to strengthen and improve the southern medicinal plant garden of science base construction work, now southern medicinal plant garden construction completed the medicine culture square, medicinal fam, Baicao garden, South Garden, orchid garden, Dai Medicine Park, petrophile plants area, garden shade, areca catechu, show Park, park, boat fruited sterculia seed germplasm garden 12 functional areas. And on the basis of past work, to strengthen the introduction of efforts, in recent years new medicinal plants nearly 1000 species of the southern medicinal plant garden to collect and preserve the kinds reached more than 1500, of every kind of preservation of plant listing on the its scientific name, family name, habitat and medicinal effects, such as the use of, strengthen the demonstration of medicinal species in South China, let visitors glance recognize characteristics and uses of medicinal plants. Combined with popular science work, increase the improvement and building of science popularization facilities, in each a specific area set up the brand, the main tourist routes set up signs, warning signs, park in different places set leisure tables and chairs for visitors to rest, the establishment of science popularization and tourism environment has been greatly improved.

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