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BenzilanTibetan means beautiful sand bar. Located in Yunnan Diqing Deqin County, vast white snow-capped mountains at the foot of the Jinsha River in the West Bank, and Shangri-La County, Sichuan Derong County, across the river, 214 State Road crossing and the Tea Horse Road is the only way, unique location , Benzilan more Jinsha Roughs rolling, raging torrents, the following section of the river is suddenly open, quiet river.

Benzilan since ancient times it is an important transport hub. Benzilan ferry crossing of the famous ancient Yunnan Tea Horse Road, and also Tea Horse Road by the Northwest Yunnan enters the throat or Tibet Sichuan. From here to the northwest line to enter Tibet Jiangbei inverse, that is, Sichuan Derong, Batang; along the Jinsha River, is Weixi, Dali; Go to the southeast, is the Shangri-La and Lijiang County. Is located in such a position, benzilan will naturally become an important channel traffic. The Qing government was in this setting ferry and set flood garrison. Today, benzilan been built across the Jinsha River highway bridge - Fulong bridge so that people on both sides to facilitate communication between many, but also for today's transport to provide a great convenience.

Here ethnic festivals is also very special. Tibetan New Year is not popular, but together with the Han Chinese Spring Festival. Han Chinese New Year is not the same, New Year's Eve, people around lit bonfires, drinking barley wine, danced harp dance, pot village dance, until East Dawning. In short, a variety of festivals, the Han, Tibetan, Naxi and other ethnic culture and Buddhism, Dongba religion, nature worship, worship and other religious activities and the content of what national customs integrated together to form a Tea-Horse Road culture a major feature - multicultural blend. This is the Tea Horse Road culture, but also unique town Benzilan.

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