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Yunnan travel attractions

Shilin Golf Club, Lions Hall (kunming) 2014-12-24
Baohai Park, Yunnan Military Academy (kunming) 2014-12-11
Wild Elephant Golf Club (golf), Dadieshui Waterfall (kunming) 2014-12-10
Wuhua Floor (dali), Double Dragon Bridge (jianshui), 2014-12-9
Yuanmou Man Site, Lufeng Dinosaur Fossil Site (chuxiong), 2014-12-5
Xiushan Hill (yuxi), Tengchong International Golf Course (golf), 2014-12-4
Dukezong (zhongdian), Dai Park (xishuangbanna), 2014-12-3
Longquan Forest Park, Huilong Ecological Park (yuxi) 2014-12-2
Locke Former Residence, Lijiang Old Town (lijiang) 2014-12-1
Grand View Park, Zhiyun Cave (kunming) 2014-11-28
Guishan Forest Park, Stone Forest (kunming) 2014-11-27
Dongchuan Red Land, Wanda Golf Club (kunming) 2014-11-26
Zhu Garden (jianshui), Baotaishan Forest Park (dali) 2014-11-25

I just came back Yunnan, Yunnan really good I'll give you my route: flight to Kunming, then go directly to the Stone Forest, then Jiu Xiang cave are good, eat snacks, Oh what Baba. Lijiang is a must go, Lijiang, and the horse trail ride was fun all the way down the mountain a Malaysian wonderful scenery. . . Also includes a trip on the lake. Ride a boat on the lake, in the middle as well as selling fish, beer quite feeling in the lake, is a little expensive. Kocho fish 20 yuan a beer seems to be 10 or how much. Especially recommended Lijiang bar, special feeling decoration are wood, there is a big point, Yimiyangguang Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, and various characteristics of the bar is recommended to sit every night, looking for a big finish to go to some small, small bar has many touching love story, great feeling. Then Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, this much to say. Yes, the mountain has a program called Lijiang impression, very good, and the scene is very spectacular. Yes there Shuhe good I intend to go to Yunnan to live in that exotic antique bridges. In Dali then, not much to say. Then the Shangri-La, and personal feel good. Xishuangbanna I think in general, not in the past an economic and time permitting, or stroll it, that's not very detailed. To Yunnan is their best not to go with the group to go with the group tired. But organized each attraction will play live which is cheaper place where to live it. in order to play more and spend spend more of it, if we consider the problem of consumption is recommended to find a tour company directly Kunming, eight hundred thousand dollars seems to be down. ah yes, there Yunnan eat something that is really bad ah. rice bad because bad crops grown at high altitudes and 80 degrees on the open water. psychologically prepared it.

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