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Volcanoes And Hot Springs In Tengchong

Volcanoes in Tengchong of Yunnan ChinaTengchong is a town surrounded by volcanoes. Starting from Baoshan city, and climbing over the Gaoligong Mountain, the China to India highway, built half a century ago, leads you to Tengchong Basin. In the distance you can see dozens of volcanoes, large and small, with dense trees growing around them. Located on the border of the Europe-Asia continental plate, Tengchong has witnessed many activities of the earth's crust. Since 1500, there have been over 70 earthquakes in the area measuring 5 and over on the Richter scale. The Daying Mountain volcano has erupted many times. Ma'an Mountain consists of three volcanoes, some of which have formed lakes. Tengchong has the best well-preserved volcano groups from the Cenozoic Era in China.

Over 80 vapor springs and hot springs are scattered around the volcanoes, making this the second largest vapor field in China. The famous Yihong Hot Lake is one of the biggest hot spring lakes in China, covering a total area of10 square kilometers. The most magnificent Dagunguo (boiling pan) Hot Spring, 6.12 meters in diameter and 1.5 meters deep, has a water temperature of 96.6 degrees centigrade, and resembles a pan of boiling water, sending steam high into the sky. The Hamazui Fountain, with a water temperature of 95.5 degrees centigrade, looks like two frogs spraying out hot spring water. Pearl Spring is a pool of water with hundreds of spray holes in the bottom sending out pearl-like strings of hot bubbling water.

hot springs in Tengchong of Baoshan city, Yunnan ChinaOther spectacular sights include Huaitaijing, Gumingquan, Xiaogunguo and Yanjingquan springs and waterfalls. Hot springs in the adjacent Longling County are also popular with visitors because of their medicinal effects on the human body.

Tengchong County has been an important connecting link between southwest China and both India and Myanmar since ancient times. Business is brisk here. The Heshun Township is the well-known hometown of many overseas Chinese. In1944, an anti-Japanese-invasion war broke out here. A martyry was built near the county town where the soldier who died in the war were buried. Tengchong is famous for producing traditional Chinese herbal medicines, Xuan paper (high quality paper for traditional Chinese painting) and rattan work, which are famous throughout Southeast Asia. The jade processing industry has been centered here in Tengchong for over 500 years. Local people work jadeite into bracelets, ear-rings and many other decorations. The local Duanjia, Wangjia, Qiluo and Zhengkun jade works (jade works named after the makers) are all well known at home and abroad.

China Great Travel flexible tailor-made Yunnan tour travel from Kunming to see the volcanoes and hot springs in Tengchong. We are always ready to customize a private and personal Yunnan tour package for you. Just send us an email to get our travel expert help planning your trip to Tengchong

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