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Erhai Park

Erhai parkErhai park, 2 km. away from Dali City proper, is located at Tuanshan Mountain, south of Erhai Lake. It was built in 1976, covering 1,674 mu of land. In the Tang Dynasty, Tuanshan was called Xilongshan Mountain and the park used to a lonely island in the lake, a hunting and deer-raising palace for Nanzhao King in Tang Dynasty. When water abated, a natural mountain surrounded by water at its three sides was shaped. Because the mountain goes lower down from the west side to east, like a sleeping dragon near the beach. So it was also named Sleeping Dragon Mountain. On the mountain there is a pavilion named Zhu Hai Pavilion, one of the places of historical interest. And now, the mountain is covered with pine, camellia, azalea and cherry trees and michelias; some waterside pavilions and a zoo have also been constructed. At the top of the mountain, there are pavilions overlooking the lake, and roofed corridors and service facilities.

Erhai parkIt is very easy to reach to park by land or by water. Setting off from Xinqiao Harbor, a steamer will take you to the foot of the mountain within 20 minutes, and after climbing 270 stone steps, you will be there at Facing Erhai Lake (Wanghailou) Pavilion or the Long Corridor. Gazing from the park into the distance, you'll see the blue sky and the waves of the lake with dotted sails and steamers coming and going. just look! In the east the Phoenix Mountain ranges are rising and falling in the mist. To the west the 19 peaks of Cangshan Mountain soar high. In the distance, the famous Three Pagodas of Dali are standing in radiance.

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