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Ancient A'lu Cave

Ancient A'lu Cave KunmingThe Ancient A'lu Cave, reputed as "the most wonderful cave in Yunnan", is located in the southeast part of the province and is a group of Karst limestone caves in large scale. In the Song and Yuan Dynasty, one of thirty-seven old wild tribes called " Alu" once lived in the caves, hence the name "the Ancient A'lu Cave", in which is full of various kinds of unique, natural, wonderful scenes. The cave has many specific and strange characteristics, like spring running out of cave, deep river flowing in the cave, long tunnel zigzagging along the cave, sky seeing through the cave. It is a spectacular lime form cave with 3000-metre-long passage accessible to the tourist, including Alu Origin Cave, Jade Pillar Cave, Green Jade Cave and Jade Stalagmite River as well.

Melted with the traditions and customs of Yi nationality, the stalactite in fantastic shapes and colors makes the tourists feel like entering a fairyland. Of these marvelous spectacles, the best are "Roaring Lion", "Lotus Flower Hanging up Side Down", "Flying Dragon Teasing Water Fall", " An Ancient Turtle Looking at Moon", " Crocodile in the air", "Rhinoceros Getting out of See". "Natural Fresco". "King Wei Reviewing His Troops". "Jade Pillar supports Heaven". "Nine Dragons Jumping out of Water". "A-xi Dance in the Moon", etc. These vivid and beautiful sights in the huge cave show the great interest of lively nature and bring tourists imagination to the fullest play. In the 800-metre-long jade Stalagmite River, the transparent fish and the strange " stalagmite in the water" add the mysterious color to the ancient cave. And the traditional dance performance of Yi gives you a lot of enjoyment while visiting the cave.

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