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International Horticulture Exposition Garden

International Horticulture Exposition GardenThe International Horticulture Exposition, also known as International Horticulture Festival, is a top-level professional international exposition. It has a history of 140-years old. Since the First International Horticulture Exposition was held in London, England in 1851, more than forty expositions of various categories have been held in different countries throughout the world over the last 140-odd years. Expo'99 is the first of its kind that has ever been held in China.

The International Horticulture Exposition is the largest in scale, classified as A1 international exposition. It displays all exquisite horticultural works and exotic flowers and rare plants as well as cultural, scientific and technological achievements of various countries. The aim of the Expo is to promote the exchange and development in economy, culture, science and technology among different countries, and to provide an opportunity for the participants to display to the whole world their achievements in various fields. It has a reputation of the Olympics of the world economy, science, technology and culture.

The site of Expo'99 is located in the scenic area named "the Golden Temple Resort" in the northern suburbs of Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province, China. It covers an area of 218 hectares. The theme of Expo'99 is "Man and Nature - Marching into the 21st century".

Covered with dense vegetation, the exposition site is laid out against the mountains with streams murmuring throughout the area. It is planned to integrate horticultural works with architectures of markedly different styles, a harmonious integration of horticultural works and modern architectures with the physical features and environment of the place.

With beautiful landscapes in the exposition area, Expo'99 displays the exquisite horticultural works of various countries as well as of various domestic provinces, regions and municipalities. Meanwhile, the visitors will have a chance to appreciate the ancient, modern and contemporary gardening of different countries. The different display areas set each other off and form a pleasing scene in beautiful contrast. Mountains, forests, roads and paths are harmoniously matched with simple or exquisite red-tiled and black-tiled buildings dotted here and there among the luxuriant green. The trees and plants have an exuberant growth of branches and leaves; vegetables and fruits are varied and abundant and the grass and flowers fragrant and beautiful - a picture full of life!

Horticulture Exposition GardenClassified according to functions, the exposition site is divided into five indoor exhibition areas, there outdoor exhibition areas and six outdoor professional exhibition areas.

The five indoor exposition areas include China Hall, Man and Nature Hall, a Large Greenhouse, Science and Technology Hall, and the International Hall, with a total floor space of 42,000 square meters. Dozens of participant countries and international organizations display their plants, horticultural works and scientific and technological achievements, each with its own characteristics, embodying the theme of the harmonious coexistence of Man and Nature. The six professional exhibition areas are Bamboo Garden, Potted Landscape Garden, Herbal Plants Garden, Vegetable and Fruit Garden, Tree Garden and Tea Garden, with a total area of 65,000 square meters, displaying the rich and varied plant resources in China. The three large outdoor exhibition areas are composed of Domestic Exhibition Area, International Exhibition Area and Area for Enterprises, with a total area of 116,000 square meters. These outdoor exhibition areas demonstrate the horticultural works and gardening of China and other countries in the world and the contributions the modern enterprises have made to the development of horticultural undertakings and industries and to the environment protection. The Scenic Lookout Tower is 68 meter in height with three columns supporting a lotus that implies the connotation of the harmonious relationship between man and nature.

The tourist route runs for about 10 km. There is a beautiful Garden Route near the gate. Walking is the chief means of visit which is supplemented with wheelchairs and cars for visitors and children. There are also cable-cars between the exhibition area and the Palace Park. Expo'99 Kunming, China has created a colorful picture of pleasing scenes and harmonious relationship between Man and Nature.

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