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Home >> Yunnan >> Kunming >> Jiaozi Snow Mountain tour guide

Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Jiaozi Mountain
Jiaozi Mountain
Jiaozi Mountain

Being 160 kilometers away from the downtown of Kunming, Jiaozi Snow Mountain Scenic Area is situated at the border between Dongchuan District and Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County. Jiaozi Mountain derives its name from its resemblance to a traditional Chinese sedan (Jiao Zi). Jiaozi Mountain Scenic Area consists of Jiaozi Mt., Qiwang Mt., Dongying Mt. and Guanyin Mt. etc., covering over 250 square kilometers. With the highest altitude being 4,223 meters above the sea level, Jiaozi Mountain appears to be the "highest mountain in Central Yunnan".

Jiaozi Mountain belongs to mountainous glacial landforms. Inside the scenic area, one can witness lofty peaks and precipices, well-preserved virgin forests, glacial lakes, alpine meadows and glaciers. The entire scenic area also abounds in fauna and flora resources. Besides, it is famous for its peculiar and intoxicating sceneries of the four seasons and the rich ethnic cultures. Jiaozi Mountain was listed as a natural reserve of Kunming in 1989 and a provincial-level scenic attraction in 1993.

Due to its geographic location between the fault zones of Xiaojiang River and Pudu River, Jiaozi Mountain is made known-by the special geological formations and complicated landforms-for the changeable climate. The famous sights there include alpine lakes, snow, rhododendrons, clouds, sunrise and Buddhist halo etc.

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