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Dayan, the Old Town of Lijiang was constructed in the late Song and early Yuan dynasties. Embraced by the tree-covered Lion Mountain in the west, the Elephant Mountains in the north, the old town looks like a big jade ink slab. The old town has made the best use of water source from the Black Dragon Pool. The water flows through the town and every house as the East, Middle and West Rivers, plus a large number of separate streams. Thus, the view described as "rivers surrounding every house and willows in front of every family ", a best-known scene of south China, is the style and feature of the town. Rivers and bridges can be seen everywhere in the town: the number of bridges within this small area ranks the first in China. If you lose your way in the old town, just walk along the rivers to enter and away from the rivers to go out of the town. The streets in the old town are paved with local blue stones and therefore they are neither muddy in raining season, nor dusty in the dry season.

Sifang Street is the main street of Lijiang, it is actually a square branching out in all directions. It is the center of the old town. Five main streets, including Xinhua Street, radiate from the square and together with numerous lanes, form a network connecting every corner of the town. On the two sides of the square are the West and the East Rivers. When the city was built, people used the drop of the two rivers to wash the streets and keep the town clean. On the west side of the square stands Kegong Archway, a three-story archway built to celebrate the three Yang family members who successfully passed the imperial examination. Most of the Naxi houses are two-story wood-and-stone structures. They are typically laid out either in the form of "Sanfang Yi Zhaobi" or "Sihe Wu Tianjin". The houses make the best use of construction styles of the Han, Bai and Tibetan people. They have protruding rafters and exposed beams. This construction style is so special that a house does not fall even when its walls have collapsed. As a result, the old town has survived several earthquakes.

China Great Travel has been helping tourists plan their perfect Lijiang tours for over a decade. We offer classical, unusual Lijiang tours with professional licensed guide. Our quality tours including private tour packages to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, sightseeing excursion in Dayan Old Town, day trips to Laojunshan Mountain, hiking and trekking tours to Lugu Lake and Tiger Leaping Gorge, adventure tour to virgin forest and snow mountains. More tailor made Lijiang tour packages to the most attractive places in Yunnan: Dali, Kunming, Shangri-la, Jianshui, Xishuangbanna, Yuanyang, Xinping, Yuanjiang... We specialize in customizing or tailor making a package to make it do exactly what you want, and there's no charge for this service.

Yunnan Tours To Lijiang, Dali, Kunming, Shangri-la And More...

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LJ_05: 1 Day Lijiang Ecological Tour To Laojunshan Mountain

PKG_08: 9-Day Yunnan Hiking Tour: Kunming, Lijiang, Tiger-leaping Gorge, Shangri-la

GFT_01: 7 Days Yunnan Golf Tour To Kunming, Dali And Lijiang

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YNT_02: 7 Days China Yunnan Travel: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang (Including Tiger Leaping Gorge)

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YNT_16: 12 Days China Tour To Yunnan And Sichuan Province: Chengdu, Yading, Daocheng, Shangri-la, Lijiang And Kunming

YNT_17: 12 Days Yunnan Trekking Tour: Lijiang To Lugu Lake

YNT_18: 8 Days Yunnan Trekking Tours: Kunming, Shangri-la, Lijiang (Trekking With Horses In Niru)

LJGF_01: 4 Days Lijiang Golf Tour (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf, Lijiang Ancient Town International Golf)


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