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Jiulong Cascades

Jiulong Cascades
Jiulong Cascades
Buyi People
Jiulong Cascades
Twenty kilometers to the northeast of the county town, the Jiulong Cascades is located on the Jiulong River by Yidulei Village and is one of the most magnificent sights of Luoping. The cascades are scattered is on a two-kilometer-long section of the river. It is the most peculiar part of the river course. Thousands of years' scouring and sedimentation have given birth to the ten terraces of cascades which vary from each other in height and width. The largest cascade, known as "No.1 Cascade of Jiulong," is 56 meters high and 110 meters wide. During the wet season, the roar of the cascade can be heard from several kilometers away. Observed from below, it seems to be a cataract roaring down from heaven with the force of a bolt, shrouding everything around in mist. In winter and spring, the cascade turns into a silver chain hanging from the sky, throwing spray into the air. In sunny days, rainbows will rise above the cascade, presenting a grand view of colors.

The second cascade, known as "Lovers' Cascade," is 43 meters high and 39 meters wide. At the foot of the cascade is the deep and tranquil Jiaobu Pond. The rest of the cascades all possess their peculiar charms. Standing on the belvedere, one can take in the ten cascades at one sight. Bu He, vice-chairman of the National People's Congress, wrote, "Jiulong Cascades has no match in its majesty in south China." Every year, on the second day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar, young people of all nationalities will be dressed in their best and flock to celebrate the "Antiphonal-Style Singing Festival." At the festival, they will dance their traditional dances and carry out many other activities of distinctive national characteristics. The best part of the festival for the young men and women is that they can get to know each other by singing antiphonal songs.
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