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Home >> Yunnan >> Qujing >> Three Gorges of Lubuge tour guide

Three Gorges of Lubuge

Three Gorges of Lubuge
Three Gorges of Lubuge
Three Gorges of Lubuge
Three Gorges of Lubuge

The Luguge Canyon is a storage reservoir of the Luguge Hydroelectric Power Station. It was originally an extremely turbulent section of the Huangni River. Even the bravest vulture did not dare to enter the canyon. With the construction of the power station, a dam connecting Yunnan with Guizhou has cut off the intractable Huangni River. As a result, a 19.8-kilometer-long lake has been created in the canyon. The canyon is full of cliffs in various life-like images. A steamer trip will take you into a fairyland. At the entrance, you will be greeted by a cliff in the shape of a girl combing her hair. Soon you will come to the first gorge, which is guarded by a "brave lion." Coming into the gorge, you will see cliffs in the images of "a monkey salvaging moon in the water" and "a hanging basket trap for fishing." The second gorge is called "Diling" (meaning monkey in Buyi language). It is surrounded by heaven-kissing precipices clothed in green. Now and then snub-nosed monkeys will appear on the precipices. Just as you are in your best mood, two lovely "elephants" are drinking deep in front and block your way. It seems that you have come to the end of your trip. But after the ship turns around the "trunks," you will come into another world. This is the famous "Twin-Elephant Gorge." In the gorge, you will have a breath-taking view of the life-like images of "age-old glossy ganoderma" (a much cherished tonic mushroom) and "roc with broken wings."

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