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Heshunxiang Township

Heshunxiang TownshipHeshun means peace and harmony. The title of the township is derived from a verse describing "the rising clouds that herald auspicious future and the gentle breeze that breathes peace and harmony." The town consists of over 1,300 households and 6,300 and more people. From ancient times on, it has been a place where talented people were brought up. So far as the modern times are concerned, the following names are important: Zhang Chengxin, a martyr who laid down his life in the anti-imperialist struggle and a member of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary organization Tong Meng Hui, Li Yuegai, secretary-general of the First Army of the Yunnan Troops for Safeguarding the Republic and "Excellent Writer in Southwest China" as commended by Zhang Taiyan; Cun Shusheng, educator and late vice-president of Yunnan University; and Ai Siqi, famous Marxist philosopher. Many of the Heshunxiang people who live abroad are successful businessmen or scholars of great attainments doing their bits for the prosperity of the countries they reside.

Heshunxiang TownshipHeshun Village is a very beautiful place with many ornamental structures like pavilions, memorial halls or archways, lotus ponds, marble balustrades, etc. The most important scenic spot that a visitor to Heshunxiang cannot afford to miss is Shuidui, an ancient water mill near a body of limpid water named Yuanlongtan. Yuanlong Pavilion which overlooks the clear pond is an ancient structure. The pavilion was constructed in the 27th year of Emperor Qianlong's reign in the Qing Dynasty (1762 A.D.). The sublimity of the ancient architecture with its excellent layout of the halls, kiosks, balconies and bowers of carved beams and painted rafters add beauty to the serenity of nature. The inscriptions, tablets and couplets, well composed and written by outstanding calligraphists, are highly attractive. The fountain by the side of the pavilion is known by the name "Dragon Pond". Ai Siqi's Home is located right by the side of the Jiaoxi Brook running by the pond.

Heshunxiang TownshipThe Heshunyuan Library situated on the campus of Yiqun Middle School, the biggest one at the township level, is the pride of the Heshunxiang people. The library buildings with flower gardens in the front courtyard show styles of traditional Chinese architecture. The library, set up in 1924, is in possession of over 60,000 volumes of books, many of which are rare editions of ancient works. The library feels honoured with the inscriptions by such famous figures as Xiong Qinglai, Gong Zizhi, Liao Chengzhi, Zhang Tainfang, etc.

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