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Clusters Of Hot Spring

Clusters Of Hot Spring TengchongTengchong is famous not only for its clustered volcanoes, but also for "the sea of hot water". The county is located on the lava derived lands of Leifeng Mountain. There are 81 hot springs over the county. The most magnificent view can be seen at Liuhuangtang (the sulphuric pool), 11 kilometres away from the county seat. Within an area of 8.7 square kilometres, there are 19 large geysers with temperature at the jets being over 94 Centigrade. Smaller ones are much more numberous. The amount of heat ejected annually in this area is estimated to be equivalent to the fuel value of 20,000 tons of standard coal, making up 70% of the county's total geothermal resources. Dagunguo (Big Boiling Bowl) Hot Spring is the biggest of its kind, with a diametre of 6.12 metres and a depth of 1.5 metres, the temperature remaining above 90 C. Hot water is ejected in bounding streams intermittently with a thunderous roar. The B.B.B. Hot Spring is situated in a valley with hot springs, hot field, hot streams, hot plots and hot vapour scattered all around. It is a world of heat.

Hot springs opened to tourist include the Big Boiling Bowl, Frog Mouth, Lion Head, Pearl Spring, Drum-beat Spring, Pregnancy-inducing Fountain, the Immortals'Bath Tub, the Pond of Beauties and the Water Fall on Zaotang River. Water erupted from the hot springs of Tengchong area carries with it mineral-rich gases which have evident curing effects on many illnesses. Therefore, the hot springs in Tengchong are ideal sites for therapeutic rehabilitation and holiday-making activities in Yunnan Province.

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