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Buddhism Pagodas In Xishuangbanna

Buddhism Pagodas In XishuangbannaThe numerous and various Buddhism pagodas in Xishuangbanna create an attractive sceneney. The most outstanding ones of all are the black and white brother pagodas -- Manglong White Pagoda and Black Pagoda in Damenglong.

Seating elegantly on the hill behind the Menlong Village, Menglong Township, 67 km south of Jinghong is Menglong White Pagoda, while his brother, the Black Pagoda in Damenglong is located on a small hill, west of Damenglong Township and 73 km from the Jinghong City.

Menglong White Pagoda calls Manfeilong Pagoda. In the Dai language, it also calls Tanuozhuanglong, means a pagoda in the shape of the head of a giant bamboo shoot. Constructed in 1203 (565 in the Dai calendar), it is an ancient building of Theravada Buddhism. Legend has it that it was designed by three monks from India and the design was executed under the sponsorship of the chieftain of Menglong named Hubananpi. The main pagoda measures 16.29 m. and is surrounded by 8 pagodas on the sides, like a group of children nestling around the mother. The whole pagoda group is composed of the base, the alter, the bell support, the upturned bowl, the lotus flower, the banana leaf, the umbrefla adorned with pearls and gems, and the weather cock, altogether 8 sections. The diameter of base measures 8.6 m., and is designated one of the units of cultural relics under the protection of the province. The bodies of the pagodas are white in color, whereas the tops are all golden. The White Pagoda is famous at home and in southeast Asian countries for the half of footprint 80 cm long and 58 cm wide, which said to be left by Sakyamuni, the founder of the Buddhist religion. The White Pagoda is a key cultural relics under State protection.

Manfeilong Pagoda, Xishuangbanna YunnanConstructed in 1204 (566 in the Dai calendar), the Black Pagoda was originally of black appearance upon completion. It is a calabash-shaped hexahedron. The 18-meter high and 7-storey pagoda embraced with eight colored clay dragons. In the past 800 years, it has been painted several times, and now it is of silver white appearance. The Black Pagoda is also famous at home and abroad for a footprint 160 cm long and 60 cm wide left by deity Pazhao Getama.

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